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In Touch App

Your Social Connector and Income Generator

In Touch App is the “Community Build that Pays”

Your social connection builder and informer for:
– any member-based organisation
– workgroup
– team
– society or club
– Church
– Non-Profit Organisation (NPO)
– Welfare organisation
– Charity
– any organisation with members or social community such as a neighbourhood watch, security companies, Sectional Title Management, Homeowners Association (HOA).

To share this App, just get your Social Community to scan the QR Code on your In Touch App‘s Links Section.  This QR Code can be placed on your website, business cards, pamphlets, posters at your premises or even in your video broadcasts.

Download our fully working App example by scanning the QR code below using your mobile device camera or if on your device click on the QR Image to open the link.  Please use your Safari or Chrome Browser then you will have an install option that would place a App Icon on your home page for future reference.  You are welcome to play around, connect and register your account on the App.

You can click on the Android image below to install the App on your Android device using the APK file.  Click “Allow” and “Install anyway” at the bottom of the popup message to allow installing.

Your Interactive Social Community

With your Social Wall, you have your own community of friends, yes all of those you share your In Touch App with using your link or QR Code under your App’s “Links” page.  It is just like having Facebook and sharing messages, images, and posts with your friends, all connected to your App.


A new feature that will be available soon is an “In-App Chat” function where the user can chat directly with the App owner or their designated staff members.


You can share your photographs (your Image Gallery) with your community and you can send them Push notifications about important information or special events. 


You have access to an Events Calendar to showcase all your events such as galas, charity drives, fundraising drives, etc. 


You can further have fully customisable pages with information on who should be contacted to make arrangements and detailing set information such as gathering days and service times.


Just imagine how this can be used in all different social communities such as churches, charities, societies, welfare organisations, clubs, teams, workgroups or special social groups or for networking or for keeping your customer base informed or up to date with what is current and new or interesting or even special events or happenings – in fact any Social Community that wants to interact with and grow their community and also generate a mutual income.




We have made this truly affordable at only $250 once-off and $20 monthly to access and use your cloud-based portal to manage your posts, push Notifications, Events, upload your gallery images and change your information.  Save $90 by paying $400 once-off which would include the 1st year’s Monthly Portal Access Fee.   This includes 1 hour of training to get your staff members to use the full extent of your App.  Additional training at only $30 per hour.    

Download the Order Form / Agreement here:

Refer & Earn

Generate funds for your Social Community or their main charity and earn as well!


“Show Me The Money!”


Here you have a serious opportunity to earn a commission of $70 for any App referral via our own In Touch App or our Prime Web App.


There are no limits to how many businesses or communities you can refer, you will get paid as soon as we get our once-off app development payment from your referral.  


To participate in this opportunity, please complete the “Refer & Earn” form by downloading our In Touch App above or from the In Touch App of your Social Community.


This is a quick way to supplement your income or it can even be your main income source.


Just visit our Home page to see our App examples and our ludicrous special 50% Discount Launch offer, making this essential App truly affordable.  Your business friend can now have a business that is Lockdown or Pandemic resistant and a built-in loyalty and discount program.  There are countless other features such as an Events Calendar, Property Listing, Appointment Booking, “no contact menu” for order and collect or delivery, Track & Trace Log kept electronically as is required by current COVID-19 regulations, Push notifications and so much more.


You will be doing your business friend a favour to remain in business and grow their business in these tough economic times

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