Are you Cafe Owner that needs a low cost mobile app?

“How To Get Your Own Mobile App To Reward Customer Loyalty, Showcase Your Amazing Products and Drive Repeat Business”

Loyalty Rewards

Customer can access your special offers, discount coupons and in app digital rewards card. All by scanning a simple code on their phone – no physical contact required. This will encourage repeat business.

Share Your Beautiful Menus

With your own app you can easily show off you delicious menu and update and change it at any time. Imagery and pictures are more important than ever before.

Track And Trace

You can also add your own in app track and trace feature , which allows customers to submit their details when they arrive. This now a legal requirement in some countries due to the current restrictions. No more asking your server to write details down and worry about losing them.

Multiple Locations?

The user can just click in app to find out more information on the locations of your stores and which one is most convenient for them.

Open an example on your Mobile Phone Browser

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